The Board of Governors, which can include up to sixty (60) members in addition to those ex officio members (such as officers) is divided into a number of committees. Each committee has specific tasks and has a chair appointed annually by the Guild’s president.

Communications: The Communications Committee oversees membership communications – including e-mail and website. (Pamela S. Menaker)

Finance: The Finance Committee provides financial oversight for the Guild. It is typically chaired by the Guild’s treasurer.  (Thomas Nicholas Tyszka)

Membership: The Membership Committee handles member registration and annual dues renewals.  (Thaddeus J. “Ted” Makarewicz)

Lenten Retreat: The Lenten Retreat Committee plans the Guild’s annual retreat, which is typically held in late February or early March. (William A. “Bill” Castle)

Red Mass: The Red Mass Committee plans the Guild’s annual Red Mass, which is typically held each fall. The event is held for judges, attorneys, law school professors, students, and government officials. The Mass is an opportunity to pray for those who seek justice.  (Philip J. “Phil” Fowler)

Service: The Service Committee organizes volunteer opportunities for Guild members. (Maureen Hanlon & Dennis Trainor)

Social: The Social Committee organizes social events throughout the year, where Guild members have an opportunity to interact with colleagues.

Spirituality & Prayer Life: The Spirituality & Prayer Life Committee organizes events that give Guild members an opportunity to enhance their own Christian life. Among the events it coordinates is the “First Friday Prayers”, which takes place at St. Peter’s Church on the first Friday of every month, from 7:30 to 8:15am.